Focusing on Your

Business Goals Together

Every project is a joint process, aimed at helping our clients advance towards their business goals

Adama's Story

Saving $25 million annually, shortening the supply chain preparation from three days to half a day, sharing global processes with 60 countries and reducing response time. How did the managers at Adama improve their business indexes with the help of Elad Data?

Shopmind’s Story

Significant improvement in conversion rates, unlimited volume as a stable infrastructure for building more websites and innovative customer experiences. Shopmind, known as WallaShops Group, fulfilled its business values via Elad Digital.

PazGas’s Story

A sales process that was significantly shortened and made more efficient, subscribers’ growth and a multi-channel view of the customer are just some of the business values improved at PazGas and realized by Elad CRM’s system.

ICL’s Story​

How do you catapult the organization’s abilities in a fun, smart and innovative way? Click below to find out more about the application Elad Digital built, making information accessible for managers and seniors at ICL, one of Israel’s biggest global companies.

SodaStream’s Story

Customers’ personalization had brought on an increase in campaign involvement, immediate return on investment while simultaneously shortening the relevant data analysis for managers. The data management array Elad Data had built for SodaStream provides innovative business insights.