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Elad Digital is Israel’s leading customer engagement company, helping you achieve your business needs and strengthen your relationship with your clients by offering a range of advanced end-to-end solutions.

In this digital age, it’s important that all your business tools will cater your target audience and will be built in a way that allows for an easy, simple, and effective client experience. When we say effective, we mean one that brings in business, services it and allows you to increase your organization’s profit margin.

We provide you a one-stop-shop to all your solutions, on every relevant channel, and provide a wide and versatile reply for all your needs. Whether it’s providing a better service; significantly saving on time and personnel; connecting your organization with your end clients; increasing your value with existing clients; making your more accessible; promoting an automated customer experience or any other challenge you’re facing – we’re here to crack it for you, create a holistic and custom made solution, including the required technology in order to reach your end-to-end business benefits.

We offer our clients a complete process, including strategic thinking, research and characterization, design and development, system implementation, ongoing support, and solution maintenance and optimization.

Your Challenge, Our Solutions

Our Digital Division is experienced in working with leading organizations in various business fields, and the team is trained to support any challenge that arises from the field. Our digital spheres projects connect business vision with leading technological abilities and a high level of service in order to provide an innovative customer experience, as well as creating digital tools to improve employee experience. We specialize in new tools and technologies aiming at creating a quality digital experience that’s both professional and productive.

It’s important for us to learn and understand your professional needs in a thorough way so we could turn them into great, creative and innovative outcomes.


Your Challenge, Our Solutions

חטיבת הדיגיטל שלנו מנוסה בעבודה עם ארגונים מובילים בתחומם, במגוון תחומים עסקיים, והצוות מוכשר לתמוך בכל אתגר שעולה מהשטח. הפרויקטים שלנו בעולמות הדיגיטל מחברים ראייה עסקית עם יכולות טכנולוגיות מובילות ורמת שירות גבוהה, למתן חווית לקוח חדשנית כמו גם ליצירת כלים דיגיטליים לשיפור חווית העובד. אנחנו מתמחים בכלים וטכנולוגיות חדשות, במטרה ליצור חוויה דייטלית איכותית, שתהיה גם מקצועית וגם פרודוקטיבית.

מפת הפתרונות שאנחנו מפתחים עבורך, נשענת על למידת צרכי הארגון והשטח, והיא תספק לך דרך ברורה ונגישה להתייעל תפעולית ושירותית, תרכז עבורך את הנתונים, ותציע דרכי פעולה אפקטיביות למימוש היעדים העסקיים.
כל הנתונים מרוכזים ממקורות הרלוונטיים לארגון, והעבודה בשילוב הכלים והפתרונות האלה, תביא אותך לתוצאות מיידיות.

Technological Tools

Our Services


UI/UX Characterization and Design
Our studio is one of the leading in the field of UI/UX, producing advanced and innovative digital solutions for client all over the world. We’d love to provide you with varied services to improve your costumer experience, including product strategy research and development, user interface characterization and design, product usability checks and more.
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& Web Development
Business Apps

Building content and image websites and smart applications
We specialize in developing and building content, service and image websites for organizations and cooperations. All our projects combine characterization, development and design specialists in their work process in order to emphasize user experience and achieve unique outcomes that are custom made for the organization and precise for its target audience.
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E-commerce Solutions
Our ecommerce department specializes in developing online commerce websites and implementing electronic trade systems for leading clients all over the world. We offer advanced solutions that include managing logistic centers, AI-based shoppers behavior learning, purchase and abandonment forecast, maintenance, performance service and improvement for existing commerce websites and more. We’d love to create new commerce channels for you and help you expend your business activity.
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& Portals

Organizational Portals and Collaboration Solutions
Our extensive experience in developing organizational portals and optimal user experience allows us to create custom-made management and knowledge sharing solutions, precisely for your organization and employees’ needs. We’d love to offer you a range of advanced tools such as organizational systems integration, organizational forms, employee tailored information, content management, document sharing, communal video chats and more.
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